CFA International 2000 Cat Show
Kansas City, Missouri ~ November 17-19th, 2000

Angel hanging on the Christmas garland....
This was my first CFA International Cat Show, and it was a wonderful experience. There were over 1,300 entries and the show ran very smoothly. I was very lucky to do so extremely well at my first International show and that was all due to a beautiful little blue girl named "Angel". She was an absolute delight to show and my "perfect little angel" at home. Hence the name "Purrfekt Angel".
Photos of Angel being judged ....

Angel about to be judged ...

Some of the Siamese kitten lineup

Pam DelaBar
Best of Breed
Best Color

Stan Barnaby
Best of Breed
Best Color

Wain Harding
2nd Best of Breed
Best Color

Jody Garrison
3rd Best of Breed
2nd Best Color

Bob Zenda
Best of Breed
Best Color

Diana Doernberg
Best of Breed
Best Color
Angel finaled in these rings ....
Pam DelaBar placed Angel at 2nd Best Kitten in her final

Wain Harding placed Angel at 4th Best Kitten in his final
Stan Barnaby placed Angel at 5th Best Kitten in his final
Diana Doernberg placed Angel at 18th Best Kitten in her final

Victory photos!

Some of the 49 breed
divisions of Best of the Best

A shot of the 600+ crowd
for the Best of the Best SH Kittens
Diana Doernberg with Angel as Best Siamese Kitten
CFA President Don Williams displaying Angel during the Best of the Best
Angel was 2nd Best of the Best out of 350 Shorthair kittens.
Overall, she was the 4th highest scoring kitten out of 600 kittens!

Angel with her rosettes

Jen and Angel after
the best of the best
Angel with her rosettes!

CFA International 2000

Best Siamese Kitten
2nd Best of the Best SH Kitten
4th Highest Scoring Kitten overall

Jennifer with Angel and Barb with Jewel
"Jim-An-Di Purrfekt Angel" ~ Best Siamese Kitten
"Sultry's Treasured Jewel" ~ Best Siamese Premier

Angel's rosettes

Some friends and fellow Siamese breeders ....

Barb Klesman and Jewel
of "Sultry Siamese"

Shelley Watkins and Thunder
of "OhanaSkye Siamese"

Holly McCreary and Chilly
of "Lilla B Siamese"

The Siamese Breed Showcase

Closeup of showcase Siamese

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