GRC Jim-An-Di Purrfekt Angel
Best Siamese Kitten at CFA 2000 International Show
2nd Best Color for Midwest Region in 2001
Best Color for Midwest Region in 2002
Best Siamese for Midwest Region in 2002

Angel pic 1

Angel pic 2

Angel pic 3

Angel pic 4
Angel at 4 months

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     Angel has a theme behind her name, her mother is "Jim-An-Di Nobody's Purrfekt". When she was just a kitten, I caught myself telling her that she was such a "perfect little angel" and then realized that should be her name! Angel has a brother named "Purrket Alibi", and also one named "Purrfekt Stranger" which fit in with the theme also.

     Angel had an exciting show career and was so much fun to "show". She really got into the experience and when being stretched by the judge, she had a habit of looking over her shoulder directly into the judge's eyes...she was told by more than one exhibitor to "stop flirting with the judge!" Angel's second show as a kitten was the wonderful CFA 2000 International, where she was Best Siamese kitten, and 2nd Best of the Best Shorthair kitten. This put her at 4th highest scoring kitten in show out of 600 kittens! It was such a thrill, be sure to check out the link above to see photos of this show.

     Angel was 2nd Best of Color in the Midwest Region for the show season of 2001. She was also Best of Breed and Best of Color for the 2002 show season in the Midwest Region!

     Angel is retired from breeding now. We have her daughter "Chatterbox", and her grandson Raphael to carry on her lines.
Angel 5 mo.

Angel 5 mo.

Angel 5 mo.

Angel 5 mo.
Angel at 5 months

Baby Angel

Angel 4 months old

One of Pixie's kittens
and Angel as a kitten

Brady and Angel

A new Grand Champion!

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