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3 seals, 2 chocs, 3 blues, 1 lilac
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Seal Point

Choc Point

Blue Point

Lilac Point

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white newborn kittens     All Siamese kittens are born white and develop their point color as they get older. The pointed pattern is a result of the partial albinism gene. This point restricted pattern came about from a genetic mutation that is responsible for producing the enzymes that produce pigment. When this mutated enzyme is subjected to temperatures above 98F (37C), the cells of the hair root will produce little or no pigment for the growing hair. The neck and the body of the cat are warmer and don't develop any pigment. Thus, their point color is restricted to the areas of the body that are cooler, such as the extremities (face, ears, legs, and tail). There also several "modifying" genes that can further affect the color and density of the points.
     A Siamese that is overweight tends to be darker because the extra layer of fat insulates the skin from the body, thus causing it to produce more pigment. Kittens are white when they are born because the temperature inside the womb is very warm. Color can also vary with each individual cat. Anything that affects the temperature of the Siamese can also affect their point color. A Siamese that has been ill will often show "ticking", or lighter colored hairs in it's mask because the actively growing hairs will be un-pigmented in the elevated temperature of a fever.
Angel's eyes     The blue eye color of a Siamese is also due to the partial albinism gene. Siamese have little to no pigment (yellow-brown) in their eyes and the blue color is actually a result of reflected white light from the retina. This is called Tyndall's phenomenon. The eye color can range from a pale china-blue to a deep blue-violet.
     Siamese darken as they age, so ages are given for each of these cats' photos so the difference can be seen between kittens and adults. At Fairy Dust Cattery, I show in The Cat Fanciers' Association exclusively, so I am only showing examples of the four accepted Siamese colors for CFA. Other associations accept more colors for Siamese. In CFA, seal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point are the standard colors. See CFA's Siamese breed standard.
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Seal Points

Seal points have seal brown, almost black points with fawn colored bodies. Their nose leather and paw pads are the same color as the points. Seal points tend to be the "traditional" color most people think of when they picture a Siamese cat. This color also seems to have the most variation in shades. You will see seals that look "black and white", or you may also see seals that are dark brown over the whole body and there is very little contrast between the points and the body. As very young kittens, the point color tends to look "muddy" and indistinct. At this age, seals and blues look very much alike, and chocolates and lilacs are also very similar. It takes several weeks for the colors to be distinct. (See photo of 3 week old seal point below.)

Seal point male ("Spencer")
3 weeks old
Seal point female ("Elf")
11 weeks old
Seal point male ("Nikko")
5 months old
Seal point male ("Tynan")
5 months old
Seal point female ("Elf")
8 months old
Seal point female ("Bitsy")
1 year old
Whispurr and Peewee
Seal point female and son
("Whispurr and Peewee")
3 years and 3 months old
Seal point male ("Swingalong")
4 years old

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Chocolate Points

Chocolate points have milk chocolate brown points with creamy white bodies. Their nose leather and paw pads are cinnamon-pink. Chocolate points tend to stay lighter in the body as they age, with a more noticable contrast between the body and their points. It tends to take much longer for a chocolate point to develop their point color, as opposed to a seal point.

Chocolate point female ("Isabella")
8 weeks old
Chocolate point male ("Elmer")
6 weeks old
Chocolate point female ("Peanut")
8 months old
Chocolate point female ("Lina")
1 1/2 years old

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Blue Points

Blue points have slate blue (gray) points with bluish-white bodies. Their nose leather and paw pads are slate blue. Blue points can get quite dark in the body also as they age.

Blue point female ("Pixie")
6 weeks old
Pique and Bella
Blue point kittens ("Pique and Bella")
3 months old
Blue point female ("Angel")
4 months old
Blue point female ("Angel")
5 years old

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Lilac Points

Lilac points have pinkish-gray points with white bodies. Their nose leather and paw pads are lavender-pink. Lilac points are the lightest of the four Siamese colors, and even as they age will stay very light-colored in the body.

Lilac point female ("Tallulah")
4 months old
Calla Lily
Lilac point female ("Calla Lily")
5 months old
Pebbles and Savannah
Lilac point females
("Pebbles and Savannah")
1 1/2 years old and 6 weeks old
Lilac point male ("Chattoe")
3 years old

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Misc pictures

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