Reasons for your kitten to be kept indoors:
  • Your kitten won't miss the outdoors if he's never been outside!
    He won't be scratching at the door at all hours of the day to be let out.
  • Your kitten won't be exposed to fleas or ticks.
  • Your kitten won't be exposed to stray cats, who can cause all sorts of diseases
    such as feline leukemia (FeLV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), rabies, and many others.
  • Your kitten won't be at risk to be hit by a car.
  • Your kitten won't be at risk of being killed by a dog or other animal.
  • Your kitten won't be fighting with stray cats and come home with abcesses.
  • Your kitten won't accidentally come across any poisons such as antifreeze.
  • Your kitten won't disappear for days on end, leaving you worried
    that he won't ever come back.
  • Your kitten can't be the victim of people's cruel actions.
  • Your kitten won't end up at the local animal shelter.
  • Your kitten will live a longer life if kept safely indoors!
  • YOU won't go through the heartbreak of knowing YOU could have prevented any of these incidents by keeping your kitten indoors!
Fairy Dust Cattery will NOT guarantee any kitten/cat that has been allowed to roam outside, nor will we be responsible for any problems associated with the cat being allowed outside. We strongly believe our kittens and cats are happier and healthier spending their lives indoors.

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