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*Note* I have not had the time to keep these pages completely up to date, but have left them up because so many people seem to like them. I will be updating them as I have the time. (P.S. If one of your letters is on here and you would like your email address to be available to prospective buyers as a reference, please let me know.)


My house the last few days...

Day 1:

Tynan: "Who's this new kid getting all of my attention? I don't like that. Hiss, Hiss, Hiss..."
Talulah: (I'm almost settled upon that name) "Wow, look, another cat to play with!!! Why's he hissing at me? Is that supposed to turn me on?"

Day 2:

Tynan: "Hiss, Hiss, Hiss. Geez, that doesn't seem to be working. The new kid just ignores me. Maybe if I hiss and chase her..."
Talulah: "It's about time he started playing with me. All that hissing was beginning to bore me."

Day 3:

Tynan: "What, who just dive-bombed my head? I'm gonna get you!"

Tynan chases after the new kitten. They roll around on the floor for a few minutes. Tynan runs off with Talulah chasing after him.

Talulah: "This new game is my kind of fun!"

Later that evening... Tynan flops down onto Darius' lap. Talulah is already there. Tynan starts licking her. Everything is right with the world.



They're here! I picked them up without a problem. They are so sweet. What loving little cats they are. Both were slightly shaken after the flight, but recovered very quickly. They seem to be happy. Purring, eating, sleeping. I just love them. Thank You. I'll keep in touch with pictures, etc. Oh,by the way, their names are Coco (girl) and Marcel. I was outvoted by my family on Rocco :(. My 2 year old son calls cats "coco" so that's where that came from. Anyway, I'll be in touch.



Dear Jennifer,

Greetings!! I hope you are ALL fine, and that the show went well over the 5th and 6th. I had planned to go to it, but an aunt's 80th birthday party was later set for that day. I hope things were rewarding for Fairy Dust. It occurs to me that I should just check your web site--I'll do that after I write this.

The boys will be 5 mos. old in a few weeks, and I am setting up the date for their Neutering Ordeal. We will miss their cute little fur "fanny packs" but that's cat life reality.

Both of the lads continue to grow more and more charming and delightful, if that is possible. How we love them. Angelo continues to be the very vocal one ("a blabber mouth," is how we often put it) and likes to be picked up and carried around, demands a lap at the sight of a person sitting, and is generally In Your Face when awake, which we love. Friedrich rarely chats, but is ready to play whenever awake. He loves to snuggle with Glen under the covers when he is still in bed after I get up, and he's the one who most loves to lie around with Raoul. They all get on very well indeed.

Here are some photos we just took. Not great, and they didn't happen to be lounging with Raoul (so we can get a "how-big-are-they-now comparison) when I took them, but you can see they are looking more adult. Angelo continues to be one long cat, and Friedrich the little dancing boy.

Thanks so much for breeding them, and our fondest greetings to Pixie,


Linda Backman


Hello Jennifer,

Lin and I want to say thanks for this wonderful kitten. You are just an outstanding breeder. Kandi brings us lots of joy and laughter with her great personality. She has bonded so well with us and our dogs. She is inseparable from Lin.

I'm attaching a few picures for you.


DJ and Lin



Our kitten arrived at 2:00 p.m.and we now have her at home. She is absolutely a beatiful kitten. When Lin saw her at the airport her words were "isn't she sweet." So her name became Kandi. Thanks for everything.

Lin and D. J.


Hello Jennifer!

We have a new digital camera, and my animals seem to be the best subjects! I thought you might find this picture funny (I told you how Nani always must keep Zane clean!) We keep watching your website. My favorite pages are the "where are they now" and the letters from the other kitten buyers. I read their stories and see so many personalities that are like Nani's (when the younger girl is gone, the cat is upset until she returns home-that is just like Nani and Ethan) Nani is mellowing with age. She spends her day in a bean bag which is on Ethan's bed in the sun. She meows and cries "hello" to Zane when he comes in from the kennel. She gets most excited when visitors come, she runs to great them and will stand up on her back legs and stretch up and say hello to them (tell me this is not the most outgoing cat you have ever heard of! I wish you could see this!) I am still dying for another kitty! I have to wait and see if I am going to breed this golden retriever girl that I have. Right now we are running at 3 goldens, 2 cats and 2 horses! I see that you have spayed Misty-will you keep breeding Pixie to keep that similar gene going? You must make sure to tell me when she has her last litter, or if she goes up for adoption! I had to put Nani on Iams low maintanence formula-she started to get "poochy" on the tummy. She is not terribly happy with my switch. Poor kitty! We will keep in touch!

Ann and Ethan Plunkett


She is doing fine. She talked all through our drive home. We settled her in the spare bathroom overnight and made frequent visits throughout the night. By this morning she yelled to come out of the bathroom and is now exploring her new home. She has battled three play mice and thoroughly enjoys the catnip fish. We don't have to worry where she is because she talks all of the time. She is wonderful! Lochinvar has let her know that he is not sure where he or she fits in this new arrangement. He has sat all morning watching her run and play and talk. Every once in a while he will walk over to her, sniff her head, make a short meow and walk away. He now has gone into the bedroom an buried himself in the comforter and Scheherazade is napping behind the wicker laundry basket in the bathroom. So, so far so good.

We have her scheduled for a check up tomorrow with the vet.

Thank you again and we will keep in touch!



Dear Jennifer,

Well, the boys yowled and mewed all the way to the Duluth city limits, got quiet for five minutes and then piped back up, starting at all the stoplights as we got into town. However, they settled into the new (chilly!) home quite well, loved their comfy bed in the big box-den with a wrapped hot water bottle, found their litter box, drank some water--played for a bit, and then Rachel took Raoul to bed, who had been watching quietly through the baby gate at the end of the laundry room. Later, Glen and I went down to say hi and play, and this time both cats--one at a time--came up to the baby gate, about 2 feet from it. Observing the quiet, large cat sitting there, each responded by--!!!--puffing up, arching their backs, laying down their ears and hissing mightily at him. Poor Raoully! He hissed back at them, but without much enthusiasm. It was a sort of, "You are a BIG DOO-DOO HEAD!!!"--"Oh, yeah?? Well, nyah, nyah, nyah to you, too" moment. This morning, before I went down, I read your cat instruction sheets. Going downstairs, they were keen to see us. But it didn't look like they'd eaten any of the Iams Kitten I'd put out for them. I opened the jar of chicken baby food I'd gotten for Arvo and put a spoonful out to them--THAT got a response! I put a few spoonfuls in each dish, on top of the Iams, and they licked it all off with zeal. Then I mooshed some into the dry food, to see if they'd eat that later on. I'll check soon. Did they not eat Iams Kitten at your house? I thought you said that was one of the ones they were accustomed to. You did a great plug for "NuVet Plus", and I certainly will give it to them. But where do you get it? I haven't seen it around; it's not in my Dr. Foster's catalog, and their vet doesn't stock it. Do you have an address or website for ordering it, and is it a specific sort of supplement? [ NuVet Plus: call 1-800-474-7044 and use order code 9426-8 ] Although your instructions say to keep them in their room for a couple of days, I think they're going to want to come prowl the downstairs (at least) very soon. We'll keep Raoul upstairs when they do, because they won't have been to the vet's yet. I hope they warm up to him then. P.S., when I got them home, and they emerged from the carrier into the hushed laundry room, Glen' s eyes glowed. Softly, he breathed, "Ooohhh, they're beautiful..." They certainly are, and just as beautiful in personalities. P.P.S., it looks like "Lover Boy" will indeed be Angelo, and the littler guy (who is revealing himself to be quite a "lover boy" himself) will be called, Friedrich. (Not Siegried--I guess Chopin beat out the Opera character...) Greetings and thanks again (--and just get a load of that SNOW!!) SO MUCH, Jennifer,



Hi Jennifer!

Samantha is doing wonderful. She really has grown up in the last few months. I believe that she is fully grown now, and weighs about 7 lbs. Her meow has changed quiet a bit too! She's so loud!! We love it though, because we can talk to her and she answers right back, just like a person. We call her our "baby with fur." I am in the process of finding an excellent vet clinic in the area. There are so many to choose from here.

Talk to you later Jennifer!!



My-Lying is doing great. He is spoiled rotten! When I go to my mother's house there are toys all over the floor like she has a child living there. He is eating Science Diet and gets some little snacky thing for a treat. He only goes and eats when someone is cooking though. When you first arrive at my mother's house, My-Lyng comes and greets you. He yells and yells until you give him some attention. He has come to my house to spend the night a few times. He is very frisky and playful. I have four boys and when My-Lyng is here, he rules the roost with them. He hides from them when he thinks he has had enough....only to be really stalking them and waiting for his moment to pounce! My mother was very proud of him this Xmas because he did not attack the tree at all. He only liked to pull the bows off. He still sleeps under the covers also. I can't think of anything else that comes to mind. I know mom has pictures, so I will pass this on and see what she can do for you. I checked out the web page and that a neat idea. How proud you must be with so many good-looking cats!

Lisa Maciech


Hi Jennifer,

I thought you would like to have an update on the kids. They are doing very well. I took them to the Vet last Monday and he said "they're good and healthy." It only took 2 days for them to assimilate with my other babies. Mr. Magoo seems to be bonding with me while Susu is very attached to Allen (and I think Allen has lost his heart to her). I'm so glad I got to meet you. You have raised two beautiful little kids that will be well cared for and loved. I'll keep you posted with some pictures when I take some. Congratulations again on your blue point baby winning.


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