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Hi Jennifer:

Thanks for the pictures. I love the one of Pixie and Misty. What beauties!

You may have guessed from my lack of urgent messages about Baby Chalmers that things are going well. He is eating a/d mixed with kibble and mixed with Iams canned kitten food. He is using his litter box and has started escorting himself to the official litter box room. He has access to the entire lower level and all the other cats and there's never any hissing or fighting or anything like that.

I brought Chalmers (or maybe he will be Charmer, since that's what he is - or maybe Sebastian? Hmmmm) into bed with me the other night and he met most of the dogs as they dozed. I then kenneled the dogs and he slept with me. He was in cat heaven that night. In the morning I took him back to the lower level for breakfast and access to the litter box and then couldn't find him before I left for work. Another Hmmmm. I asked my husband to check for him and Mark finally called me to say he had found my cat - almost sat on him when he was about to get into bed. Chalmers had apparently sneaked back upstairs and crawled beneath the covers. He really does like to snuggle under the covers - all of them if possible. Is that something other cats you have bred are known for doing? I think I will be getting him a nice, warm, cozy kitty bed with a hood/cover.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know the only problem we are having with this kitten is finding the perfect name. He may end up being Chalmers, Jr. by default, but we keep hoping the right name will come to us.

I haven't taken pictures yet - maybe this weekend. Will send or email some when I get them.

Thanks again.



I just realized that in all my previous emails I don't think I ever once told you how wonderful a cat Tynan actually is! He's precisely as you described: affectionate, playful and extremely laid-back. I couldn't be happier.

As for the next kitten, I'm not sure what I want. I guess right now I'm leaning towards a female for no particular reason other than to mix things up a bit. Color-wise I'm still open. I think I'll have to wait and see some pictures once the kids get a little older and their color starts coming out. It's hard to tell from the current baby pictures what they really look like. They're all kind of funny looking right now. *Silly Grin* (from Jennifer)



"Baby Chalmers" likes the a/d. Whew! He still stands by the Mighty Dog, though. And he likes plain, dry, kibble. At least he is now eating and still using his litter box. All is well with the world - at least until we try introducing him to dogs.

The last two nights he has had free rein of the house. When the dogs are all in kennels, I let him cuddle with me in bed for an hour or so before I take him back down to be nearer the litter boxes. Last night, I brought him upstairs and let him snoop around. Thought he would come into my bedroom, but he never got that far. My German Shepherd sleeps in the living room so Chalmers (still) laid low under the cat scratching post. Just a bit less brave still than his predecessor. But ever so sweet and doing a good job getting along with the other cats.



Hi Jennifer!

That's sounds like a good idea to bring the registration to the cat show, because Josh and I might be able to make it. I will bring my copy of the spay surgery with me, since I did mail it out to you already last night.

I must tell you about one of the cute and silly things that Samantha does now!! Every morning when I am getting ready for work, she comes into the bathroom and watches me do my hair. After about 1 minute of watching me, she jumps all the way up from the floor to my shoulder!! Then, she wraps herself around my neck, while I'm doing my hair, and purrs so loudly into my ear. She's the cutest thing... :)

The vet shaved a lot of fur on her tummy for the surgery, and I think she's been kind of chilly lately, so I went out and bought a heating pad and set it under her favorite blanket, and boy does she love that! She's sleeping on it right now.

That's the "news" for now Jennifer, and hopefully I'll see you this weekend, but if I don't, good luck!!!



Hi Jennifer

I wanted to send the pic of Ethan and Nani, but I can't find my roll of doubles?! Also I referred a friend of mine to your website for latest kitten info. She had a traditional Siamese growing up as a child and now has 2 cats and wants a kitten. I am trying to get her over here to meet Nani, but our schedules won't allow. I adopted a 5 year old Golden Retriever girl so we now have 3 dogs and 2 cats. Zane, my year old boy (dog), wouln't let her near Nani-he was sooo protective, quite sweet. Nani was very quick to establish who was boss and where the dog would rank in the scheme of things. Now they get along just fine. I wonder what she will think of puppies?! The only time Nani is unhappy is when Ethan goes over nite somewhere--the bed just isn't the same without him, and she informs everyone that she is unhappy. Her funny habbit-Have you seen those spongy balls covered with glitter hair (for lack of better words) These have always been her favorite toys. She brings them to my husband at 4:30 am every morning and they need to play fetch. Every morning when everyone is sleeping. That is about it from here. I have to say (again) your website just gets better and better. I can honestly say it is the best cat website I have seen on the web! Do you get alot of your buyers from you site? Congrats on the great work!

Talk to you later,



Everyone that sees Sophia comments on how she looks and her personality is so sweet. The Nuvet stuff is great - an interesting thing has happened though, I have a 7 year old nephew who is allergic to cats, he has severe asthma attacks whenever he is around them or even around a person who has been around cats for a long time. When we first brought Sophia home he came over with his mom to see the new kitten and I was really afraid for him - he hugged her and played with her for and hour and never had an attack. He will go over to my sisters house who has an Applehead and he has an attack, but every time he is around Sophia he is fine. I can't help but wonder if it isn't the Nuvet that has done something to the dander that he is usually allergic to. I have also had friends that our other Siamese would bother, runny noses etc... and Sophia doesn't bother them at all. Sophia is losing her baby fur and getting her adult coat and it is so soft and supple. My vet insists that I'm feeding her eggs or something to keep her coat so nice - shows what he knows.

Have you been to any shows recently?

Talk to you soon,



Hi Jennifer:

Sophia is doing so well! According to Jeff she is the best addition to our household since Kaytie. I was really upset because I had wanted her so badly and waited so long to get her and she likes Jeff better - he says it's because I squish her so much. She is turning into a beautiful cat, her "points" have turned really dark (I'll send a picture) I don't think I have heard her really meow. This little girl who at first appeared to be a little timid has definitely come out of her shell. It is almost scary that she has no fear - vaccums, our dog, strangers, load noises - she must feel very secure. Just as you are aware, the first few weeks can really be an adjustment period but all is doing well. She has never missed the kitty box, my straw flowers have taken on a new look but thats to be expected. When Kaytie is spending the night at a friends, Sophia is so lost and looks for her until her family is home again. We could not be happier. We have a vet appointment in two weeks to make plans for having her spayed, he likes to have it done before they have their first heat but not too early - I'll make sure I send you the paperwork.

How are your litters coming? I am still interested in Seal Point. We were hoping to get back to Minnesota before summer was over, but now it's looking more like Oct. sometime. Let me know what kind of litters you have coming up.

Take Care




I wanted to touch base with you to let you know that the two kittens are doing well. We've named the two Yogi and Chogi (Chogi is the artist formerly known as Rugrat).

They've been very well behaved and an absolute pleasure to have around. They both an appointment with a vet in town who was recommended by your Dr. K.

It's fascinating to see just how different their personalities are. Yogi is very sociable and is always chasing any toy put in front of him. He seems to have attached himself to me and follows me all over the house. He's waiting for me when I get up each morning. He seems like your basic happy go lucky kitten. He also seems like he's becoming the dominant one.

Chogi's a little different. He seems a little moody but more insightful than Yogi. He's a bright little kitten. He's already figured out our patterns. He knows when we're about to leave in the morning and he pouts under a bed. He likes to play with toys, but defers to his brother. He's become attached to Tala and likes to snuggle up to her and climb on her shoulder.

We'll update you again soon!

Trevor L. Bynum



Well, My-Lyng is home now and my mother is completely in love! He has done nothing but purr and love on her since we got him to her house. Of course all that she had bought before he got here wasn't good enough for him now that she has him. So, I kitty-sat while she went and bought him a new bed and more toys! I don't think I was treated that well as a baby!!! Anyway, thanks alot and I will get the papers returned to you. Next time we will do this in fall or spring!!! he he he

Thanks again!

Lisa M.


Hi Jennifer,

Well we made it home. Everything went just fine - Sophia is really bonding well. After spending two days in the motorhome with us (a small area), I think it made the transition into the house easier. She is eating and drinking water well and doesn't hide. She even comes when we call her and loves to snuggle any of us three. (Kaytie is her new best friend). She has a really sweet personality and believe it or not shows a lot of confidence. When we first got home I set up her litter box and food in Kaytyies room and she cried and cried so I let her out and she just explored everywhere, found her bed with her blanket again and went to sleep. I just want to thank you again for all of the help and letting us adopt Sophia.
Keep in touch and let me know what you may have coming up in the way of a Seal point.


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