Ch Fairydust Pocket Full-of-Posies

aka "Posey"
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Why the name 'Posey', you ask?   Well....Posey's mother is 'Fairydust Faerie Rose Garden', aka "Rosie".   For some reason I kept wanting to call the daughter by the mother's I decided I better come up with something that sounded close to her mother's name! Then, later on when I was deciding on her registered name and was trying to think of something to go along with her mother's theme, I just thought of the words from the children's song "ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies"... and it stuck!

Posey's sire is 'OhanaSkye's Kanoa of Fairydust' aka "Noah", who is Chattoe's son. (See Chattoe on retired page.)   She is a great-granddaughter of Lina.   In my opinion, Posey is the prettiest lilac girl I have ever owned. It's hard to get pictures of her though because she's so camera-shy!   She is much prettier than she appears in these pictures below.   Posey will have kittens in early 2005.

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