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My new daughter!

Here she is, the reason I'm not breeding Siamese cats anymore. :-)

Name: Taryn Elizabeth Dougherty
Born: October 12th, 2006
Weight: 5 lbs. 13 oz.
Length: 19 inches
Proud parents: Jennifer & Jon Dougherty

just minutes after being born...

Taryn and her big sister Katrina

about four weeks old here...

Dad and Taryn taking a nap

Taryn and Blossom...

three months old here...

almost four months old, just love those bunny slippers!

four months old, posing pretty...

playing on her baby gym...nine months old

what a cute bonnet! (ten months old)

starting to walk, eleven months old

Taryn's 1st birthday, we had a princess theme...

Taryn and sister Katrina on the birthday day...

taking another nap with Daddy...

Taryn's 2nd Halloween (one year old), with big sister Katrina

Thanksgiving 2007 ~ Katrina, Jennifer, Jon, & baby Taryn

     What now, you ask?  Well, I really am done breeding Siamese cats. I will keep my website up for a while...there are lots of pictures on the scrapbook pages and other pages of info on Siamese cats to enjoy.  I will be removing parts of the website that are no longer valid though.  For lists of breeders I recommend, please see my links page.  I've enjoyed many years of breeding Siamese cats, best of luck to all of you!

~Jennifer Wilson
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