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04-28-02 At the Rainbow Cat Club show in Janesville WI this past weekend, Maggie became a Grand Champion with lots of points to spare! She will now be retired from showing and will be bred to Wabbit when she is ready. It was also a great show for both kittens that I was showing, Princess and Charmer. They each made a Best All Breed Kitten final, among several others.

04-13-02 Lily had her first litter today. She had six babies, five females and one male. This litter was sired by Dimitri and could have all four colors.

04-11-02 Summer had her first litter today. There are seven babies, three females and four males. Wabbit is the sire of this litter and they will all be seal points.

03-24-02 Lina had her 3rd litter today. She had three girls and one boy. This litter was sired by Dimitri and will be all chocolates and lilac points.

02-19-02 Blossom had her litter today. She had ten kittens but due to complications of birth, we only have seven live ones. There are four females and three males. These kittens will all be lilacs. Dimitri is the sire of this litter.

02-05-02 Pebbles had her first litter today. She had three boys and two girls. These kittens will all be lilac points. Dimitri is the sire of this litter.

01-25-02 Pixie had her litter today. She had four healthy babies, two girls and two boys. This litter was sired by Wabbit. This is the last litter Pixie will have. She is retired now and will be going to live with her new owners once her litter is weaned.

01-14-02 We have a new arrival. We went to St. Louis, Missouri for a cat show this weekend and brought our new female home. Her name is Lilla B Steel Magnolia of Fairydust, "Maggie" for short. See females page for a picture.

01-02-02 We have a new email address, please update your address books! Due to the amount of 'spam' email we receive, I am no longer putting the actual address on my website. You can view the address by clicking on the link though. Here is the new e-mail address.

10-20-01 Lina had her second litter early this morning. It went very well and we have three little boys. This is our second litter sired by Wabbit. See photos on kitten page. UPDATE: Unfortunately we lost one of the boys a few days later.

10-16-01 I am keeping a female from Legacy's last litter, her name will be Fairydust Elfin Magic, "Elf" for short. See pictures 1 and 2. She is a seal point.

10-15-01 Blossom had her second litter today. She had three boys and two girls. All are healthy and good sized. This is our first litter from "Wabbit"! We are very excited about this litter. Pictures will be posted soon.

10-07-01 Noel went to her first show as a champion in Milwaukee, WI. She was best of breed in a couple of rings and finaled in one ring. She picked up about 37 points towards her grand championship. She will go to Janesville, WI next.

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