What's New at Fairy Dust Siamese

10-20-00 Please check out the photos on the new photo gallery page.

10-15-00 Angel and Blossom went to the Midwest Regional Qualifier this past weekend. Angel did extremely well for her first show (and for a four month old kitten!) and made four finals. She even made an all-breed final out of 138 kittens! We were very proud of her. She will be going to the international show in Kansas City, Missouri the middle of November.

09-29-00 Click here and here for pictures of Misty's new litter at ten days old.

09-27-00 We have a new arrival, a little blue point girl from Jim-An-Di Siamese. Her name is going to be Jim-An-Di Purrfekt Angel. She's adorable! See the females page for a picture of her.

09-25-00 Blossom became a champion this weekend at a show in Inver Grove Heights.

09-19-00 Misty had a litter of four today. Chattoe is the father. Looks like we have three girls and a boy.

08-27-00 Check out these cute photos of Pixie's kittens "fishing". Photo 1 Photo 2

08-03-00 Pixie's babies are five weeks old now, click below for some photos. Pixie's kittens are all blue points, and will be ready to go around the end of September.

Photo 1 : Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4

07-13-00 Click here for a picture of Pixie's litter at five days old. Click here for a picture of Legacy's litter at ten weeks old. (Along with a couple of older kittens.)

06-29-00 Pixie had a litter of four healthy kittens today! The cats around here seem to be planning their litters for special occasions . . . this litter of Pixie's was born on my birthday, the last litter was born on Easter, and the litter before that was born on my daughter's birthday. Pixie is being an excellent mom, this is her first litter. There are four males in this litter.
UPDATE: Pixie had a fifth kitten almost 36 hours later, but unfortunately it was stillborn.

06-12-00 Lina went to a show in Green Bay, WI this last weekend and made two finals. She will probably be in one more show and then will be retired. She will be bred sometime in July or August.

06-01-00 Legacy's litter is almost six weeks old now and contains a seal point female and three seal point males.

05-08-00 Lina went to a show in Inver Grove Heights, MN this past weekend and did quite well. She made two finals, placing 4th best cat and 8th best cat in Shorthair Specialty rings. She was at a show in Rockford, IL the previous weekend but did not make any finals there.

04-23-00 We have Easter kittens! Legacy had a litter today of seven kittens. Unfortunately, three were stillborn, so we have four live kittens. This is Legacy's first litter. Swingalong is the father of this litter, so both parents are seal points.

04-23-00 Here is a new picture of Misty's current litter at eight weeks old, along with their older sister Pixie (blue point) and Lina (chocolate point) who is unrelated. Pixie REALLY loves her little brothers and sisters, she takes care of them like they were her own kittens. Pixie is expecting her own litter around June 27th. She will have blues and lilacs in her litter. Pixie was bred to Chattoe, our lilac male.

04-09-00 Lina and Blossom went to a show in Milwaukee, WI this past weekend. Lina made her first final and now has grand champion points. Blossom had really tough competition and didn't do as well, but she will have several more chances in the future.

03-24-00 We have a new lilac male. His name is Thiakatz's Chattoe LaFeet Rothcat. He is a champion already, and has beautiful blue eyes and body color.

03-17-00 Click here for a photo of the current litter at two weeks old. Click here to see the difference in size between the smallest female and the largest male in this litter.

02-25-00 We had a litter of six born today! This litter is out of Misty and Swingalong. There are four males and two females. These kittens will be ready to go to their new homes the end of May, beginning of June.

02-18-00 We have a new lilac female! She is tiny, only three months old. We believe her registered name is going to be Koblizek Faery Blossom of Fairydust, and she will be known as Blossom.

01-30-00 Lina and Pixie went to their first show this past weekend. Lina earned her champion title and Pixie took two best in breeds in the kitten class! Lina will go on showing to try and earn her grand champion title, but Pixie probably won't go to any other shows, as she decided she doesn't want to be a show kitty.

12-12-99 We have another new arrival, a seal point girl from Koblizek Siamese. Her name is Koblizek Deja Vu Legacy.

10-17-99 We have a new "showgirl" at Fairy Dust Siamese. She is a chocolate point, very petite and delicate. We call her "Lina" for short, but she is also affectionately known as "Piglet", she has a huge appetite for such a small cat! My lap cuddler, always with me at the computer!

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