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10-16-01 I am keeping a female from Legacy's last litter, her name will be Fairydust Elfin Magic, "Elf" for short. See pictures 1 and 2. She is a seal point.

10-15-01 Blossom had her second litter today. She had three boys and two girls. All are healthy and good sized. This is our first litter from "Wabbit"! We are very excited about this litter. Pictures will be posted soon.

10-07-01 Noel went to her first show as a champion in Milwaukee, WI. She was best of breed in a couple of rings and finaled in one ring. She picked up about 37 points towards her grand championship. She will go to Janesville, WI next.

09-23-01 We brought four girls to the show in Minnesota this last weekend! Noel, Summer, and Pebbles all became champions at this show. Angel went along too and got Best Cat (SP) in her first ring. She made two other finals (2nd Best Cat AB, and 4th Best Cat SP) the first day of the show and then decided she'd had enough of showing. On the second day, Noel was the one making finals, as an open! She made 6th and 7th Best Cat, in allbreed rings! Way to go Noel.

07-27-01 Legacy's litter was born tonight, with six healthy babies. There are four boys and two girls. Both girls are already sold. Jake of OhanaSkye Siamese is the father of this litter. I expect all these kittens to be seal points.

06-11-01 I have created a new e-group called Fairy Dust Siamese News. If you are interested in being emailed about current kitten information and up-to-date news at our cattery, please join at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fairydustsiamese or send a blank email to fairydustsiamese-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

06-02-01 Our new little lilac boy has been named, he is Alexy Demetrius of Fairydust and will be known as Dimitri. Demetrius is a character from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". We have also kept a little lilac girl from Blossom's litter, her name is Fairydust Pease-Blossom. Pease-Blossom is a fairy from the same play.

05-27-01 Angel, Summer, and Noel went to one day of a show in Madison, WI this past weekend. Angel made all three finals with 2nd Best Cat SP, 2nd Best Cat AB, and 5th Best Cat AB. Noel got a 10th Best Kitten AB and an 8th Best Kitten SP for her first show. We are going to take a break from showing for a while.

05-20-01 Angel and Summer went to a show in Green Bay, WI this last weekend and did very well again. Angel made all six finals, with three Best Cats (2 SP and 1 AB), two 2nd Best Cats (SP and AB), and a 5th Best Cat AB. Summer had a 4th Best Kitten SP, 9th Best Kitten AB, and a 10th Best Kitten SP. Both girls were Best of Breed in every ring.

05-15-01 We have our new arrivals. See Wabbit on the males page, and Noel on the females page. Here is a photo of our new little lilac boy. He is not named yet.

05-06-01 Angel had her first show as a Grand Champion this last weekend and did extremely well. She made ALL six finals with these results: Best Cat SP, Best Cat SP, 2nd Best Cat SP, 2nd Best Cat AB, 4th Best Cat AB, and 5th Best Cat AB. It was also Summer's first show as a kitten and she made four out of six finals: 2nd Best Kitten AB, 4th Best Kitten AB, 9th Best Kitten AB, and 10th Best Kitten AB. It was a great show weekend!

04-29-01 Angel became a Grand Champion this last weekend in Rockford, Illinois. She made five out of six finals and had points to spare. See photos one and two.

04-01-01 I have decided to keep one of Legacy's daughters for breeding. Her picture can be seen on the females page. Her name is Fairydust Midsummer Night's Dream and she will be known as "Summer".

02-12-01 Angel went to her open show in Des Moines, Iowa this past weekend and is now a champion. She made two finals and they were both 4th Best Cat SP.

01-29-01 Angel went to her last show as a kitten in St. Paul, MN this past weekend. She made five out of six finals, and they were: 9th Best Kitten SP, 6th Best Kitten AB, 5th Best Kitten SP, 2nd Best Kitten AB, and BEST Kitten SP! Not bad!

01-06-01 Blossom had her first litter today. Eight kittens were born but one was stillborn and two died shortly after birth. All these kittens will be lilacs and will be ready to go to their new homes the beginning of April. Chattoe is their father. It looks like three girls and two boys.

01-05-01 Misty has "retired" from breeding and was spayed today. All went well.

12-05-00 Legacy had a litter of eight today. Unfortunately one was stillborn. We are left with five girls and two boys. All seem to be healthy so far. Chattoe is the father of this litter.

11-25-00 Pixie's litter of six was born today. She has four girls and two boys. All are healthy and doing well. I was at work and my daughter delivered this litter! Chattoe is the father of this litter.

11-19-00 Angel went to the CFA International 2000 show this past weekend and did EXTREMELY well! She was Best Siamese Kitten in Show, 2nd Best of the Best SH Kitten (out of 350 SH kittens), and 4th highest scoring kitten in show out of 600 kittens! See this page for more details and pictures.

11-11-00 Lina's litter of five was born today. She had a hard time and we had to visit the vet. We have one live kitten out of five. It is a female. Swingalong is the father.

10-20-00 Please check out the photos on the new photo gallery page.

10-15-00 Angel and Blossom went to the Midwest Regional Qualifier this past weekend. Angel did extremely well for her first show (and for a four month old kitten!) and made four finals. She even made an all-breed final out of 138 kittens! We were very proud of her. She will be going to the international show in Kansas City, Missouri the middle of November.

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